August 4, 2018

09 Sleeping Pillow #28daysofcode #python

09 Sleeping Pillow #28daysofcode #python

To take a local image file add some funny text.

You will need the module Pillow for this to work out correctly.

pip install Pillow

Refer to the docs if you run into issues:

You will also need nice font from Font Library.

I chose bebusneuebold for this experiment.

The App
Link to app repo on Github:

09 git repo

-u = Shower Thought user
-p = Unsplash photographer
-i = Local image to work with
-t = The text to overlay on the image
-s = Triggers the script to save the file.

All together now:

python -u "/u/jjschro" -p Epicurrence -i image_p6mPhlNCfMw.jpeg -t "I like turtles." -s


{'user_credit': '/u/jjschro', 'photographer': 'Epicurrence', 'image': 'image_p6mPhlNCfMw.jpeg', 'text': 'I like turtles.', 'save_file': True}